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At Rokketand, we are dedicated to creating high-quality products in bedding, curtains and children's textiles that not only add a sense of luxury, but also timeless elegance to your spaces. Our range includes a wide range of products, from sophisticated linen bedding sets to charming children's bedding and beautiful curtains.

Timeless Elegance for Your Home

We invite you to explore our range and immerse yourself in our passion for timeless design. Whether you want to upgrade your bedroom with our luxurious linen bedding, add a touch of elegance with our curtains or create a magical sleeping environment for your children, Rokketand is your trusted source for quality products.

Linen bed linen - Natural Luxury

Our linen bedding is created with care and carefully selected materials. Natural linen fibers give the bedding a unique softness and breathability that ensures a good night's sleep year after year. The beautiful texture of the fabric adds a subtle elegance to your bedroom, and the timeless quality makes it fit perfectly into any interior style.

The natural fiber in linen

Flax bedding is known for its natural properties that help regulate body temperature and absorb moisture. This can contribute to a more comfortable and deeper sleep experience as it helps prevent overheating and keep you dry and comfortable throughout the night.

Allergy-friendly Luxury

Linen bedding is also known to be hypoallergenic as linen fibers tend to repel dust and allergens. This makes it an ideal choice for both children and adults with allergies or sensitive skin, as it can help create a more hygienic and healthier sleeping environment.

Når man tænker på, hvor meget tid børn tilbringer i deres seng, bliver det klart, hvor vigtigt det er at vælge det rigtige sengetøj.

Det er afgørende at vælge sengetøj, der er behageligt og fremmer en sund og afslappet søvn. Vores sengetøj er lavet af bløde og luksuriøse materialer, der sikrer, at dit barn kan slappe af og føle sig godt tilpas i lang tid. Sengetøj er designet til at være åndbart og hjælpe med at regulere kropstemperaturen. Vores sengesæt er kendt for sin høje kvalitet og slidstyrke, hvilket sikrer, at det kan holde til selv de mest energiske børn. Med sit stilfulde design og behagelige teksturer skaber Rokketands sengetøj en beroligende og hyggelig atmosfære i barnets soveværelse. Ved at investere i Rokketands sengetøj kan du sikre, at dit barn får den bedst mulige søvnoplevelse og nyder hvert øjeblik af deres tid i sengen.

Good feelings depend on the quality of sleep. We focus on bedding made from natural fabrics, which ensure a comfortable and relaxing sleep experience. Our bedding is made from textiles that are completely natural and guarantee a comfortable sleep, even on the warmest nights. With our bedding, you can also expect an ultra-soft feel that will make you feel embraced and relaxed all night long.

Trustpilot reviews


"Super soft bedding with nice motifs and colors - I am very satisfied. After washing it is still super soft and delicious. Good quality and stitching of good craftsmanship. I also love that it is also a Danish company and that it is produced in the EU. All in all: Strong recommendation from here!"

Malene B

¨Never heard of rock tooth before, don't even know how I ended up on their website! But finally I found some Danish-made bedding that was at least as beautiful as, for example, the king's robe. I took the chance and ordered a set, now 4 more sets have been ordered so the whole family can sleep in their bedding! Really good quality! Definitely not the last time I shop that brand!

Elisabeth H

"Purchased the most adorable bedding in soft luscious cotton sateen…can't wait to put it on the bed….quick delivery."


"Finally a company that offers the most delicious children's bedding with the finest prints, both for boys and girls. I can only look forward to trying your linen bedding for my husband and I - it also just looks so delicious ;)"