Our mission and passion is to create beautiful children's bedding and accessories of very high quality. We achieve this by using natural raw materials and environmentally friendly packaging. It is precisely this modern approach combined with the timeless design that defines our range. With our wide color palette and gender-neutral and eco-innovative approach, we strive to go for a more conscious future. A future where bedding is not divided by gender and can last for several generations.


Ecological thinking

We are a Danish brand and everything is produced in Europe. The natural substances we use are carefully selected with regard to cultivation and processing. We make our products only from certified materials that are safe and extremely comfortable for children. Of this, we mainly use linen, cotton and cotton satin. The quality of our materials is top priority. By choosing products from Rokketand, you guarantee yourself and your family natural and environmentally friendly materials of the highest quality.


Not just a season, but a lifetime

All production has an impact on the environment. We take responsibility by minimizing this very influence by creating bedding that is durable and can stand the test of time. In addition, Rokketand only chooses the necessary amount of packaging, which is always 100% biodegradable, and this also applies to our labels and price tags.